My Weave Experience

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hey guys, in this post I thought that I'd let you know about the experience that I had with my weave. I would just like to say that this is my personal opinion from my personal experience.  I got a weave in January from Weave got Style in the Trafford Centre (there are a couple more across the UK.) My weave cost £240 (the prices have now risen), which included the 16 inch hair that would be used in the weave, and the application. My hair was just below chin length when I got the weave, so obviously I didn't want to opt for longer than 16 inches as I thought that it wouldn't 'fit' with my hair.
I went to get my weave done and it took around 90 minutes, Three rows of hair were put into my head. Hair where the weave was going to be placed was braided and then the hair was sewed into the braid. My hair was then styled and curled.

                                                              (my hair with weave)

My hair with the weave looked fine with how it had been styled, but when I washed it and styled it myself, it became apparent that the top row of hair had been placed too high, and I didn't have enough of my own hair left on top to cover it. Also, (as you can see in the picture) you could see all of my short hair underneath the weave, and just couldn't cover it.
I phoned up about my hair, and then went back in, they lowered the top two sections of hair, and also added a fourth strip of hair below the others, all for free. This did help to hide my own hair better, and I was pleased that they had been understanding and had offered it to me for free.

                                                           (hair after going back)

As you can see, my hair is blended better on the second picture, but I still thought that my short hair was noticeable sometimes. For £240 I would want the weave to blend seamlessly into my own hair and look perfect, as it is a lot of money to pay! I also found it really hard to wash around the hair where the wefts were sewn into the braids. The weave also took ages and ages to dry, which wasn't great if I wanted to wash my hair in a rush. I also felt that the quality of hair was fine, but didn't compare to the quality of the FoxyLocks hair extensions.
I eventually got fed up of the weave and took it out, when I did, I could see that I had patches of horrible dry, flaky skin on my scalp where the braids had been- not a nice thing. My hair was old greasy where the weave had been sewn in, showing that you're not able to wash your hair properly where the hair is sewn in.
All in all, I do not believe that this was not worth £240 and I would not pay for it again. I love my FoxyLocks clip in hair extensions, and I personally think that they blend into my hair better and look more natural. People may think that weaves are a quick fix solution (as I did) but if you would like a weave, then I would consider other alternatives first!

Shona xx

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