Micro Ring Hair Extension Review

Friday, 9 May 2014

Hey guys! So today's post is all about my experience with my micro-ring extensions. As you can probably tell my hair is very light blonde (not natural) so due to this my hair is damaged and isn't able to grow long and luscious like I want it to. In the past I've tried a weave (don't go there!) and used clip in extensions from both Foxy Locks & Dirty Looks. Now these sets of clip in extensions were gorgeous - the hair was great quality but I don't really think that clip ins are the right option for me. Even though the clips were nice and secure I always had this paranoid fear in my head that the hair was going to fall out whilst I was out and about (lol) so after a lot of thought and deliberation I decided to try out micro-ring extensions.
So I went for a consultation and was told that micro-rings would definitely be the right option for me - due to my hair being very fine and light micro-rings would be the easiest extensions to hide in my hair. I have my hair done at the Salon & the hair I have put in is the celebrity choice extensions by Beauty Works - many salon across the UK use this hair for professional extensions due to it being really good quality. The hair will last between 6-12 months so when your micro-rings need re-doing you can have the same hair put back in.


These photos above are me directly before and after having my micro-rings re-fitted. As you can see the colour match is perfect and having the extensions blended in with my own hair makes it look much healthier and in better condition. The initial cost of the hair and fitting is around £270 (this gets you 200 bonds of hair) and the cost of re-fitting the extensions is around £70, the price is so worth it though to have lovely long hair.
With these extensions fitted you must use an oil on your hair to keep the extensions nice and moisturised and to stop the hair tangling. You also need to sleep with the hair tied back or plaited to keep the hair in good condition. The first couple of nights you can feel the rings in your head but after this you honestly can't feel the extensions at all.
I've had these extensions since January and I will continue to have micro-ring extensions because I love them!

Shona xx
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