Mac Studio Sculpt foundation Review

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hey guys, in this blogpost I'm going to be reviewing the mac studio sculpt foundation. I haven't seen much said about this foundation compared to others, so I thought that I'd offer my opinions on the product. This foundation retails for £23, so this is a higher market product. I was matched to NC15, which is the lightest shade available. This shade is a good match for me in the summer, however, in the colder winter months when my skin is a little bit lighter, this foundation just is not light enough. When I wear this foundation it can make me look a little orange, which is not a look that I like. I think that mac should have a wider range of shades available for people who have very pale skin, as I am not the lightest person that I know, so I know that NC15 really would be too dark on some people. Companies such as Nars and Illamasqua, have a wider range of foundation shades available, for people with both very light and very dark skin tones.
This foundation leaves a 'dewy' finish on the skin, as opposed to a natural or matte finish. I bought this foundation because i do have dry to normal skin. When I apply this foundation to my skin, it does give the dewy finish, however my skin seems to be wet and greasy. For example, if a couple of hours after applying my foundation, I put my phone to my ear to speak on it, then my foundation rubs off onto the phone and leaves greasy marks!
This foundation is build able, so you can achieve a full coverage look if you would like, another claim is that this foundation is long lasting, which I do not fully agree with. After a few hours the foundation does need re-applying.
All in all, I think that this is a fairly average foundation, which for £23 is not quite good enough, if you look around on the high street then you can find better products for your money!
Shona xxx

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