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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hey Guys, in this post I've going to be giving my thoughts on the Glossy box subscription. I've been subscribed to Glossy box for 5 months, and the box costs £12.95 a month including postage, inside the box you get 5 miniature products and sometimes Glossy box have special boxes. You receive one box per month, and it comes in a light pink Glossy box. Inside the box is your 5 products and a card about the products.
As I said, I have been subscribed to Glossy box for 5 months and therefore have received 5 boxes, 2 of those being special edition boxes. Personally, I have not been impressed with the Glossy box. In most of the boxes that I received I have repeatedly received shower gels and lip glosses. I signed up to Glossybox to receive 5 different luxury samples a month, and I do not think that shower gels count as a luxury product, especially when  I have received them in 4/5 boxes. I also do not like lip glosses, so that fact that I have been sent multiple lip glosses annoyed me also. Another thing that annoyed me is that every month, I received my box, then looked online at what different bloggers and vloggers had received, and it appeared that every month, the well known bloggers would get much better products in their boxes, and often multiple full sized products. For example, In the June box I received; a shower gel sample, perfume sample, skin cream sample, a hair treatment sample and a full sized product (eyelashes worth around £4.) After looking online I saw that people had received HD brows products (worth £15) and as well as that, either eyelashes or a full sized collection gel eyeliner. Now to me, that is not fair, I am paying the same price as anyone else, so therefore I think that people should get the same products. Why should people receive a box worth at least £10 more than mine?
Anyway, I have unsubscribed from Glossy Box as I felt that I had given it a fair try, and I have now subscribed to Jolie Box, so I am looking forward to seeing how I get on with that subscription. After I have been subscribed to Jolie Box for a few months I will let you know my thoughts!
Shona xx

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