Disco Pant Dupes

Sunday, 22 July 2012

I think by now we all have heard about the American Apparel disco pants, due to the hype that has been surrounding them. Something that people aren't so excited about is the £70 price tag. If you don't know what disco pants are then think of Sandy in Grease and her skin-tight black shiny pants. Tah-dah, there you go. Now these pants aren't for everyone, but some people who would love to try these pants may be put off by the price.
http://www.glamorousuk.com/ are selling dupes of the AA disco pants for £29.99, which is a fraction of the price. They are avaliable in black, royal blue and pewter. I bought some of these myself in black, they have the zip at the front and pockets at the back which makes them look exactly the same as the AA pants! The material of these pants is a little thinner than the AA's, but when on they look just the same. I was so happy to find these dupes, as I wanted a second pair of disco pants but couldn't afford the £70. I bought these pants in a size 10 and I am a size small in the american apparel disco pants.

Will you be snapping up a pair of these?

Shona xxx


  1. These are great dupes! I'd really like some disco pants but am worried my legs aren't skinny enough. They look great on you :-)

    1. I'm sure eveyone thinks that initially! I have quite large thighs myself, but I think that you don't need skinny legs to pull these pants off :)


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