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Monday, 17 September 2012

Hey guys, this post is going to be all about my new hair! A year ago my hair was blonde, but then I had it dyed brown, I've really wanted to get back to blonde as I felt more confident when I was blonde. A month or so ago, I used a Garnier lightener to try and go blonde and my hair went a horrible dark ginger colour, so I had to dye it back to Mid Brown. I decided to go blonde again because I wanted to be blonde in time for starting university, however I didn't want to be practically white blonde like I was last year because it is too damaging.
I went blonde at home with help from my mum, I know it is advisable to go to the Salon, however I did not have the money to go to the salon, and often don't enjoy the experience. I only used two products to get my hair blonde

The first product that I used was the Decolour Stripper, this is £12.99 and can be bought from Boots. My hair is only just past my shoulders and there was only just enough product in this to cover my hair. I mixed the Powder and developer into a green paste, applied to my hair and left on for an hour. I then followed the rinsing instructions. After using the decolour stripper my hair was a very yellowy blonde, however my natural light brown hair hadn't lightened.

I then used the Garnier Belle Colour in 7.1 - Natural dark ash blonde (don't know why the picture says ash brown.) This can be bought from body care for £3.50. This had to be left on for an hour. I used an ash blonde shade to neutralise any yellow and orange tones in my hair. This also lightened my roots which hadn't been lightened by the stripper.

Hair as it was before

The result

I am very happy with how my hair has turned out, I only spent around £16 on my hair, if i visited a Salon it would be around the £40 - £50 mark (maybe more because the hair required pre-lightening.) My hair is also very soft and in good condition, I would recommend the decolour stripper to anyone who is looking to achieve a lighter hair colour. In a few weeks time I will probably get a half head of highlights just to achieve a multi-tonal blonde look, but I am happy to have all of my hair this colour until then :)

Shona xx

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