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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Okay, we'll start right at the beginning, this is me at around 3 years old, I had natural curly golden blonde hair with a block fringe. As I got older my hair turned to a mousy colour with natural highlights.

When I was 13 I dyed my hair black (big mistake!) I was going through a phase lol, my hair was actually down past my boobs which is the longest it has ever been. I soon changed my mind about the black and unfortunately had to cut my hair into a short style and have it brown.(no picture as it was awful.)

Then when my hair had grown out a bit, I dyed it bright red, which I kept for awhile, but again I decided that I was fed up of the colour.

When I turned 16 I dyed my hair brown with a blonde fringe, and then later dyed it all brown, however my hair annoyed me because when the dye faded the red colour could be seen underneath.

At the start of college I used a colour remover and then visited the salon in order to have blonde hair, I gradually kept going lighter with bleach, the lightest I had it was white blonde.

I was sick of the contrast when my roots grew in, so I returned to the hairdressers and asked for a dark blonde colour, like my natural colour. This was what I got, a mid/dark brown- not what I asked for at all.

The colour faded to a light gingery colour, and the lengths went green, my hair was horrible. I visited a different salon who told me that my hair was damaged- quite contrary to what I was told by my previous hairdressers who said my hair was in great condition and kept using bleach on it. I had to have my hair cut off, into a short bob like above.

I wanted my hair blonde again, but I was told to wait, and I hate waiting. I dyed my hair a chocolate brown colour and got clip in extensions (then later a weave.)

I let the colour fade out to a light warm brown colour. I tried to go blonde with a lightener, but my hair went dark and ginger, I dyed it mid-brown.

And now, this is my hair, a mid blonde colour with some warmth to it, I am so happy that I managed to achieve this myself, ever since my hair was dyed brown from light blonde(which I didn't want) I have wanted my hair a blonde colour, I am going to get highlights put through my hair, but I am not going to go as light as last time.

I know a lot of people will think that it is damaging to dye your hair so many colours, and I agree that in the past I have damaged my hair, however since I got my hair cut off (again) my hair has been in good condition, probably due to the fact that I use no heat on my hair any more and I use protein treatments on my hair. I have now promised myself that I will not change my hair colour again, as since I had black hair I have always wanted to be blonde.

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